Banner Stands & Poster Frames: Presenting Your Company Message Effectively

banner stands and poster frames
There are many different ways of promoting your business. You will create a more visible company profile if you exploit as many of these as possible. It is a mistake to concentrate exclusively on one promotional method, for example using only online campaigns. There is still a place for more traditional promotional vehicles such as poster frames and banner stands.

Modern versions of these devices are very streamlined. They look great, and designers have made them easy to deploy and store away. If you need a mobile exhibition, maybe for attending trade shows, poster frames and banner stands can make your business stand out from the rest.

Banner stands
banner stands
These are intended for use as freestanding displays for banner graphics. They are usually constructed from lightweight metal, such as aluminum, and the printed material is protected by a man made fibre screen. It takes only a few seconds to set each one up.

Because they are so light, they are extremely portable. They can also be used in a variety of ways. You could suspend them instead of standing them on the floor. Most modern banner stands are retractable, so they can be packed away into the smallest of spaces.

The banner stands are completely reusable. If you want to announce something new, or draw attention to special offers, they are the perfect choice. When a particular promotion has come to an end, all you have to do is store away your banner stands until the next campaign. You use the same stands, and replace only the graphic.

They are available in a range of different sizes, so they can be deployed in many different environments. Even where space is in short supply, it will be possible to use unobtrusive banner stands to get your company message across.

Two companies that are great suppliers to the UK market are very easy to contact.

The first is Pod Exhibition Systems  which supply a large range if stock items aimed at exhibition displays.



The second company is a very creative organisation who are excellent at the larger scale print end of the business Hollywood Monster

Poster frames

photo frames
These are another great tool for creating a positive brand image. They are very similar to picture frames, in that they provide a container for a visual object. When it comes to displaying a poster, the visual impact will be greatly increased if the poster is in a frame, rather than attached directly to a wall or other surface.

A superb Hampshire based company that supply these products as stock items and to your custom requirements is Get Acrylic Photo Frames , they also supply printed wallpaper and custom printed streetmap wallpaper!

photo frames and poster frames
The content of your message will be the key element in your displays. There is not much point in investing in lovely banner stands and poster frames if the quality of the graphics is low.
Professionally prepared graphics will create a much more positive impact than poorly designed ones. It may not be viable to have professionally designed and printed graphics for every occasion. For example, if you have a new special offer every day, the cost of having printed graphics would be quite high.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to how your banner or poster appears to potential customers. Even handwritten text will look so much more impressive if it’s done by a skilled calligrapher.

Banner stands and poster frames will make your company message appear elegant and well presented. The relatively small investment you will have to make in purchasing them will pay dividends by creating a very positive company or brand impression.

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