How to Find the Right Acrylic Shower Panels for Your Renovated Bathroom

dolphins on printed acrylic shower panels, UK

UK business now offers printed acrylic shower panels for modern bathrooms

An innovative new UK business has been developing an incredible new product range which we are sure will lead to an eventual spawning of new business ideas by other entrepreneurs, particularly in the home improvements sector.

Picture the perfect bathroom – spacious, functional, shiny and minimalist. What does it take to accomplish all of those effects? The answer is simple – you can use printed acrylic bathroom wall panels. For example Acrylic Shower Panels come in all shapes and sizes. They can be high-gloss, they can be a bit more unobtrusive. No matter which variety you’re interested in, it’s crucial to take some time and identify the perfect ones for your project.

You can see why this company is making such great headway when you read what the product is about and how they have identified the key issues and greatest plus points that enable the product to fulfill customer needs. Alternatively if you just want to use acrylic shower panels in your renovated bathroom, you’ll find the following article very beneficial as well. Let’s get started!

Business Advantage One: The toughness of acrylic shower panels

Acrylic is a lightweight material that’s incredibly durable yet easy to work with. This is one of the main reasons why acrylic panels are a perfect pick for the bathroom. Keep in mind, however, that all acrylic panels aren’t created equal.

When assessing such products, make sure that the panels you’re interested in are impact, scratch and mould-resistant. These characteristics will extend the lifespan of the panels and contribute to easier maintenance.

Some acrylic panels are so tough that they’re advertised as commercial-grade. If you have any questions about the durability of such products, you should definitely call the manufacturer. The more information you have, the easier it would be to pick.

Business Advantage Two: Colour or Image Quality

Acrylic wall panels can come in an overwhelming range of colours and patterns. The longevity of the visuals will be entirely dependent on the manner in which the colour is applied to the material.
The best acrylic panels have the visuals adhered professionally to the rear side. This application protects the colour from adverse influences and increases its lifespan. The technology also gives the colour or visual more depth and clarity.

Business Advantage Three: Versatile bathroom wall panels

Look for bathroom wall panels that come pre-cut in the respective size you’re interested in. Such products will reduce the amount of work that you’ll have to do on the bathroom renovation.

Wall panels intended for use in the bathroom could come in several varieties – single standard shower panels, two or three-sided shower panels and custom panels. If you opt for custom panels, make sure that you have a pretty good idea about what you’re trying to accomplish in the bathroom. Take the measurements a few times to be 100 per cent confident in their accuracy.

Quality acrylic panels should also be available in a couple of different thicknesses. The standard range is from three to five millimetres and the selection will once again be dependent on preferences and the intended use like at Splash Acrylic.

Business Advantage Four: Aesthetic Considerations of acrylic shower panels

The final aspect of wall panel selection is the most exciting one. Acrylic wall panels make it possible to execute just about every interior design idea. From the simplest use of solid blocks of colour to the recreation of art pieces, you can do it all.

Sit down and sketch the design in advance. If necessary, talk to an interior designer. By having a clear concept in your mind, you’ll be capable of easily identifying the bathroom wall panels that are a perfect match.

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