Three questions that will help you to become successful in self employment

Recruiting-Agency2Self employment is somewhat both of a boon and a curse as there is both freedom and unavoidable limitations of profit, credibility, incentives and timings. Even if there are so many limitations, many people choose to become self employed mainly because of two advantages – One, they can be solely responsible for success or failure of a business and would not have to rely on anyone else for anything. Two, they can decide their own profits, work times and holidays.

If you are planning to take the self employment route in your career, here are three questions which you should ask yourself and see how many of your answers were satisfactory.

Are your decisions quick, strong and correct?
As the sole decision maker in your business, you should be able to make them quick and correct, as reconsiderations or revisions may not be possible in a self employment and decisions taken once are final. So, think twice about your ability to act in tight situations and making right decisions in crucial times, before you venture into self employment.

Are you confident about facing risks?
You must be mentally confident to face self calculated and unforeseen risks that my occur in the course of your business as risks like sudden loss of customers, delayed payments against invoices, etc are inevitable in self employment.

Can you multi task?
An important aspect of self employment is multi tasking as you, as a single person, will be playing the roles of manager, accountant, customer care representative, marketing strategist and business owner, all at the same time. If you think that handling too much pressure is not in the list of your strongest aspects, then you should reconsider your ideas to jump in the self employment.

If you are satisfied with the answers you get from yourself for these three questions, then you are in the right stature to become self employed and start looking for ways to start your business right away.

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