Three simple ways to create a corporate image for your small business

Business-Plan-Marketing-StrategiesStarting up a small business in the UK is so hard and being a successful startup is even harder. Most business owners feel content when they reach their predetermined goals and this makes it easy for other new comers with broader visions to easily over take them. Creating a corporate image for your business, even if it a small business, could help you expand your goals and reach as soon as the previous goals are met.
Here are a few tips to create a corporate image for your startup or small business.

A fully functioning website is one of the basic identifiers of any corporate companies and if you have a similar website for your business, you can consider that about half of the work has been done already. Having a professional looking website, a custom email address and interactive features in the website like chats, click to action, etc. are not as expensive as you may think. If you cannot afford a fully featured website, go for a basic website that tells your customers about your company, its products & services and how customers could contact you.

Business Cards
If you have an attractive logo for your business and an even more attractive business card which carries that log and your contact information, then your business will never go without being noticed wherever you take it. So, seek the help of a creative graphic artist and get yourself a striking logo and an equally striking business card design.

Customer Care
Even if it a One Person Company, try to have a separate number for customer care instead of single phone number for both business queries and customer help. If you can answer a customer who is calling for some help by treating “How may I assist you?”, it will take the image of your business a long way.

The cost involved in getting a professional website with fully functional features, a beautiful business card and a separate phone number is cheaper than printing a couple dozens of posters and banners. And, it is substantially effective in creating a corporate image for your business among your customers.

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