Is a West Midlands Career in Interior Design for You?

The West Midlands is one of the most urbanized counties in the United Kingdom.

Birmingham, is the second most populous city in this region. Other noteworthy places in the West Midlands are Wolverhampton City, and the towns of Dudley, Solihull, Walsall and West Bromwich.
Here, you may find huge houses with ten rooms and more; or small apartments in the downtown areas. However, their preference for furniture and interior design are very similar regardless of space. The region’s climate is also a major factor considered by residents when buying furniture and drapes. Birmingham, for example, is known for temperature extremes, which means they get very hot summers and very cold winters.

Residents usually hire a professional interior designer to help them with making their homes and offices not only beautiful, but energy efficient as well. With these in mind, a career in interior design promises to be a fulfilling and profitable job.
Establishing an interior design career in West Midlands entails knowledge of the region’s culture, history and their passion for art. To be a good interior designer, you must learn to understand the client’s lifestyle and be able to present a layout that is functional and well adapted to their needs. You must work closely with the client, providing options for organization and storage space. You must have swatches of colors and fabric choices for carpeting and draperies ready for presentation to the client.

If the client is a nature lover, you must also have layout suggestions for an indoor or wall garden. Furthermore, the client’s preference for furniture should also be considered. These may range from traditional to contemporary pieces. Therefore, to be a good interior designer, you must know exactly what to offer and where to purchase.
What are the characteristics you need to have to build an interior design career? You need to have a great portfolio and references. You need to be patient and resourceful. You must have great communication skills, however, the most important characteristic you must have is to be a good listener.

An interior design career can be challenging. Not all projects are similar, and there are times when you have to start from nothing, which means you need to transform a bare, newly built house into a home that can meet the needs of the family who will live in it. There are times when you will be tasked with remodeling too, where you have to make use of the existing materials and furniture. Sometimes, the client already has an idea of what he or she wants a room to look like and just needs confirmation or approval from a professional.

If you have decided that this is your calling, then rest assured that it is not difficult to find interior design jobs in the West Midlands. With diligent search, you can get employment with established contractors, builders or architecture and design companies. You can start out as part of their design staff and work your way up. As long as you have an eye for detail, a creative mind and a passion to succeed, you will be on your way to success.

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